Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sunset and a little more

Getting home tonight from work the sun was out in full bloom with just enough cloud to catch my
eye so I poured myself a bourbon and got the camera and tripod out with reasonable results, using a 
neutral density 4 filter   and holding my polarising filter over the ND filter giving me a 2.5 sec exposure.

 The Hawks, Pigeon and Spotted Dove I shot on Sunday while out and about.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Hawk.2

Well Sunday arrived again which sent me off on my Hawk search, ending back at Ardmore I went to the opposite side of my last position and found a great spot, locating a tractor and hay baler  parked up I climbed its roof which put me above the maze, about 15 minutes later my first Hawk turned up.

 From this spot I had a good view of the Ardmore runway with a few of the Warbirds taking to the sky's so a quick alteration to lower my shutter / aperture   to 1/250  F:8 ish   I fired off a few more shots of their departures.

                                          DHC-2 Beaver

                                          Messerschmitt Me.108

                                          Mk 14 Spitfire
The Spitfire after taking off looped the airfield came in for a nice low fast pass then departed, my guess for its final home  "Omaka" Blenheim as he did not return.

Back to The Hawk,  The exposures are still not where I want them so will take more time practicing on my panning and getting a sharper image.

Saturday afternoon I popped down to Ardomre  as I seen the Mk 9 fly over the house
When Arriving the Harvard was lifting off an then the Mk 14, The flew formation
around the airfield which to me looked like a photo shoot as the rear cockpit of the Harvard
 was exposed with a person in it looking to the rear.

Monday, 1 June 2015

NZ Warbirds - D-Day

This was Sunday 31st, the weather was very poor but went along anyway meeting up with Will M.
Slowly but surely the weather cleared enough for some flying.
Shooting against solid grey cloud is a pain the rear end but I decided when looking at my images to tweak the sky a little, You may say well this is not how the image was when shooting it and you are correct but I decided to do it anyway just to give them a bit of life.