Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wings over Illawarra Air Show 2018

Wings over Illawarra 2018, was the highlight to the start of the year.
Departing Auckland Friday 4th May, with a early 04:30 start.
Will was able to secure Premium for our flight so booking in was a breeze and the food and coffee kept flowing, nice one Air New Zealand.
Arrival into Sydney was also pain free securing train tickets to Wollongong.
I always seemed to be on the back foot getting to the destinations with Rob and Will as the walking pace was more of a light jog.
The weather for the show days was outstanding and the displays were excellent.
 Kudos goes to the Aerobatic teams who's performances were to put it politely (Insanely  Mental )

Below is a few shots of the event,  Hope you like.   


  1. Great work Mark.Like your creative approach with the jet engines. Good to see.

  2. Cheers Lee, Appreciate the comment.