Sunday, 20 March 2016

Days Outing

Sunday was a day to get out and about with a visit to the Zoo.
Meeting up with Rob,Will,Mark and eventually Yvonne popping in later in at arvo.
Some small showers on and off keeping the temperature down.

A few images attached of the day,  finishing off  calling into Ardmore to see
the Spitfire 1X  touching down, then home for a nice cold glass of Heineken.

Cheers for a nice day gents.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Howick Historical Village

Moving from the Car show  we popped into the Howick Historical Village, first time to this site I was pleasantly surprised on the number and style of homes etc that were there, needed more people in authentic costume though which was the only real downfall and will return when they have a full open day.

A couple of images attached.

Brit & Euro Classic Car Show

So headed over to the Classic Car Show in Howick Auckland  last weekend and meet up with two friends
I started with a 10-20 wide angle Sigma lens which changed the dynamics of the images and then  swapped over to the 24-120, Took plenty of shots with a few attached to this post.

All up was a good day with friends who share the same passion in photography.