Saturday, 22 August 2015

Nikon D750 and a trip to MOTAT

After purchasing my new Nikon D750 it was time to go out have have a play. 
Some friends had decided to go to MOTAT ( Ministry Of Transport And Technology ) with the cameras which was a great place to start.

I met Will M  at Sir Keith Park and waited for Rob and his wife Yvonne,   after a few minutes we found out Rob was at the other MOTAT site was not allowed to look at more airplanes, we would meet him a little later on in the morning.

With the spot lights I set metering to Highlight Weighted Metering and set Picture Control to Flat
both new features with the camera.

              From Sir Keith Park  Will and I hopped on to the Tram to the main site of MOTAT

    I set the camera to WIFI,  another new feature and used my phone to shoot Will in this shot
    with the camera sitting on my knee,  I did make sure exposure was fine prior to using the phone     ....though but all in all works fine and was very responsive.

                 PS   Will - When you put a person into bondage  they are not supposed to get out.
                Something I would have thought LEE would have educated you on with your last        ................outing to K-Road together :)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hamilton Visit

 Headed down to Hamilton for the day yesterday and visited the Classics Museum, did not know this was there, it was a  WOW moment, a must if you are a car enthusiast or looking for something different to do, from there we popped over to the Zoo which is slowly growing with better exhibits


                                                A spot of lunch at the adjoining diner