Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Hawk.2

Well Sunday arrived again which sent me off on my Hawk search, ending back at Ardmore I went to the opposite side of my last position and found a great spot, locating a tractor and hay baler  parked up I climbed its roof which put me above the maze, about 15 minutes later my first Hawk turned up.

 From this spot I had a good view of the Ardmore runway with a few of the Warbirds taking to the sky's so a quick alteration to lower my shutter / aperture   to 1/250  F:8 ish   I fired off a few more shots of their departures.

                                          DHC-2 Beaver

                                          Messerschmitt Me.108

                                          Mk 14 Spitfire
The Spitfire after taking off looped the airfield came in for a nice low fast pass then departed, my guess for its final home  "Omaka" Blenheim as he did not return.

Back to The Hawk,  The exposures are still not where I want them so will take more time practicing on my panning and getting a sharper image.

Saturday afternoon I popped down to Ardomre  as I seen the Mk 9 fly over the house
When Arriving the Harvard was lifting off an then the Mk 14, The flew formation
around the airfield which to me looked like a photo shoot as the rear cockpit of the Harvard
 was exposed with a person in it looking to the rear.


  1. Nice. Good timing for the Mk 14. Saw a post pop up that it has arrived in Omaka. You're doing well with the hawks! :-)