Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hamilton Visit

 Headed down to Hamilton for the day yesterday and visited the Classics Museum, did not know this was there, it was a  WOW moment, a must if you are a car enthusiast or looking for something different to do, from there we popped over to the Zoo which is slowly growing with better exhibits


                                                A spot of lunch at the adjoining diner


  1. Wow I never knew Hamilton actually had anything of interest. As long as you didn't catch anything.... ;-) Some nice shots in both locations. Would be interesting playing around with aging some of the photos to see how they turn out.

  2. Thanks Will, Will have a play with a few of them and see what effects I get.

  3. Great set of shots there Do like some of the car images. Did you use a tripod or hand held? This would be a great place to work on some High dynamic photos.

    ( for Will's comment, typical, anything south of the Bombays is a complete mystery to him)

  4. Thanks Lee, Hand Held - moving ISO between 1600 and 6400 with little noise exposure on some down to 1 / 25th with reasonable sharp results on the D7100 - next time down till take the 10-20 wide angle as found it tight in some spots with the lens at 18mm and the nerves taking hold when I was getting very close to the cars at the back of me
    All these cars are high value so last thing I need is a bill for paint.

    As for Will sounds like he had a bad trip at some point catching a dose of little creepy crawlies possibly, Hang on - Were you two not up around K Road peeping a month back, Dodgy lads.