Friday, 10 April 2015

The Portrait through my lens

Photographers have been making portraits since the first camera was invented. In spite of the popularity of landscape, wildlife, and sports photography, I believe that most of the pictures that have been made, and still being made, are portraits of people.

When I approach portraiture I try to create portraits that are, well, creative. Sometimes everything works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I want something different in each but seems to look the same in the end process

Of course, one must be aware of how a person sees themselves and the circumstances and conditions under which the portrait is made,  Where I want to try to get to is “The ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure.”

I know that for a successful portrait the person I am photographing needs to be the main point of interest. I am aware that a way to capture the attention of the viewer one could fill the frame with the subject’s face so there’s really nowhere else to look.

Everything comes down to one’s personal definition of what a portrait is and of course not everyone will like what you have produced.

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