Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hawaii Part 2

USS Oklahoma

U.S.S. Oklahoma Memorial, a memorial dedicated to the 429 sailors and Marines who lost their lives when the USS Oklahoma sunk during the 1941 strike on Pearl Harbor.

In 1942, the Navy salvaged the ship.  The ship was finally floated in November 1943, and the bodies of the 429 casualties were recovered for burial.

The USS Oklahoma  was under tow to Oakland, California, when it developed a list and sank at sea. She rests somewhere on the bottom  northeast of the Hawaiian Islands.

USS Arizona

The USS Arizona Memorial is positioned above the most prolific vessel sunk during the Japanese Navy’s attack. Many of the sailors lost that day remain entombed in its hull.  

We got picked up at 6.30am. It was a very early start. We traveled to the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial site. You can visit the museum and also the displays at the site before going to the theater to view a short movie of the bombing in Pearl Harbor. After the movie you are loaded on a small launch and taken out to the memorial. It is a very moving and quiet site. You are there for probably ten minutes. There is a list of names of soldiers and civilians that lost their lives on the historic day. Oil from the Arizona is still visible in the water.

USS Bofin

The USS Bowfin was a great insight into life during world war two. If machines are your thing, you'll love seeing the engine rooms below deck. You will get to see many rooms including sleeping quarters, kitchen and mess hall, engine rooms, and other rooms. The periscope deck of the sub was not accessible which was the only pitfall of viewing this historic boat.
Seeing inside the ship will give you more appreciation for the navy. Audio tours are provided by use of  I pods.

Inside the museum next to the Bowfin

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  1. Awesome. Brings back a whole heap of memories from when I was there as a kid.