Wednesday, 2 December 2015



Great place to spend an afternoon with a spot of lunch, definite place to revisit as the mood changes
with the tide. only down fall is I was not there long enough as the wife was with me, and you know the theme of that,  A happy wife = A happy life   :)

So depending where you park you are greeted with the below on the right side of Gannet Rock

On the left side the below

                 As for the Gannets, they are in nesting mode and always give plenty to photograph

Then you get the surfer - and captures reasonable shots with the Nikon D750 and 150 -600 Tamron
So all in all a nice afternoon.


  1. Playing in my backyard I see :-) ... Nice

  2. For short visit, looks like you had some good fun. Nice work :-)

  3. Cheers, Heading back soon, without the woman:)

  4. much better surf action shots than the local bloke :)