Saturday, 22 August 2015

Nikon D750 and a trip to MOTAT

After purchasing my new Nikon D750 it was time to go out have have a play. 
Some friends had decided to go to MOTAT ( Ministry Of Transport And Technology ) with the cameras which was a great place to start.

I met Will M  at Sir Keith Park and waited for Rob and his wife Yvonne,   after a few minutes we found out Rob was at the other MOTAT site was not allowed to look at more airplanes, we would meet him a little later on in the morning.

With the spot lights I set metering to Highlight Weighted Metering and set Picture Control to Flat
both new features with the camera.

              From Sir Keith Park  Will and I hopped on to the Tram to the main site of MOTAT

    I set the camera to WIFI,  another new feature and used my phone to shoot Will in this shot
    with the camera sitting on my knee,  I did make sure exposure was fine prior to using the phone     ....though but all in all works fine and was very responsive.

                 PS   Will - When you put a person into bondage  they are not supposed to get out.
                Something I would have thought LEE would have educated you on with your last        ................outing to K-Road together :)

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  1. Lol some nice shots.I like the fern in front of the Hudson and some of the close ups. The one of me in the tram turned out well. You must be happy with your new toy? The wifi link is a neat trick. And I'll let you deal with the bondage gear next time!