Monday, 7 December 2015

Muriwai Part 2

Muriwai Part 2

Well the plan was to head off to the Zoo for the afternoon but that plan failed due to not being able to find suitable parking, seemed like all of Akl wanting to visit. Altering the plan after a call from Will to say he was having the same issues we shot off to Muriwai to meet up with Rob for the rest of the afternoon. Not a lot of surfer action due to low swells but still able to get some shots off.

                   Not a bad way to spend the afternoon with the camera and a couple of friends
                   with the same interests in Photography, They both use the Canon 7D II and when
                  the both fire off in close proximity its like  listening to a German MG-42
                         Dak a Daka  Dak a Daka  Dak a Daka  Dak a Daka  Dak a Daka.


  1. Nice shots Mark. The little bit of cliff with the para-glider that is just hanging out adds to the image nicely.