Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Steampunk Thames NZ

So three of us wandered of to Thames from Auckland for this event over the weekend 
This did not start out so well was initial communication was the event was taking place in Waihi.
Heading to Waihi I may have taken a wrong turn as the Back Seat driver/ navigator was snoozing and failed to correct the driver on his error until well into the trip, he obviously needed a dose of meat and spuds to perk himself up.

A few images of the day with my photo of the day going to the below pet image . 

This lad showing these two girls his fluffy wares, as you can see from the image
Hook Line and Sinker,  A man of many talents.  Was there a phone number exchanged ?


  1. Backseat driver!? :-) Nice shots, some great portraits. Especially like the fluffy wares one!

  2. great job on the photos, you certainly have a good eye for portraits.